Fun Exhibition

Once you have finished your 31 days of fun in January, we celebrate by having a collective exhibition in February to showcase our efforts to the public and to each other. The exhibition is a great finish, and beginning to an eventful start to the new year, taking in many visitors. The 2017 exhibition opening night was a huge success, bringing in 100 people with participant: Ed Muirhead providing some live music! The success continued over the weekend, bringing in 200 visitors to see all the brilliant, hard work produced by participants, ranging from drawings, sculpture, photography, craft, painting, collage, crochet, stitching, diaries, textiles, and mixed media, and video.

Slideshow of Fun A Day projects & Exhibition (wasps meadow mill) 2017:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Slideshow of 2016 exhibition at Dundee WASPS Artist Studios:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can hear a little more about the exhibition here from the 2015 show:


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