What is Fun a Day?

Dundee has been participating in the Fun-A-Day project since 2011. The premise is simple: pick a project (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc) and do it every day in January, then show your work the following month in a big group exhibition.

The originators of Fun a Day are the Artclash collective in Philadelphia. So you can join people from Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, LA and New York in this Fun a Day Challenge.

Here is a good explanation about Fun A Day from the originators:

Fun-A-Day is a simple concept that produces beautiful results. Participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for the entire month of January. The resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each person’s journey through the first month of the year. Projects vary from lighthearted to serious, high-brow to low-brow.

Fun-A-Day seeks to remove the barriers to creativity by offering opportunities and invitations for participation. The project seeks to create a welcoming forum for people to share what they do, to strengthen existing communities of artists and non-artists. Fun-a-Day is an open invitation to foster a daily creative practice. It began as a way for the originators of the project to keep each other motivated and maintain their creative practices through the month of January. The project spread as others embraced the idea and vowed to not only complete their project, but to encourage their friends to do the same. Since its inception in 2004, the project has shown tens of thousands of pieces by hundreds of artists, non artists, creative types, and kids.

Fun A Day started off as a way to encourage artists to keep each other motivated, but over the years, we have seen an increase in anyone and everyone making this project their own. Creativity can take all forms, and we would love to see some new and original, as well as traditional ways of how you are going to have a fun New Year! No idea is too small, too silly, too simple, too complicated… surprise and inspire!



3 thoughts on “What is Fun a Day?

  1. Sarah says:

    this sounds great and I love the poster!
    I’m going to ponder exactly what I’d like to commit to and let you know over the next week. Hope you and Jonathan keep warm and well this festive time – today is officially longer and lighter than yesterday…
    Sarah x

  2. Gordon says:

    This is great, Iv started mine today, already tired.
    I go to uni in Dundee so ill be attending that one i hope. My Project, to take a picture of me either climbing or training to climb every day. I suppose in some way i want to show how much training goes into climbing and the amount of skill and dedication required. What im trying to say is, that if i do this much and im just a reasonable climber, think how much dedication some of the best climbers in the world must put in.

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