Fun A Day 2017 in motion!

Fun A Day Dundee is in its second week already, and participants have made time to accomplish all sorts of fun into their daily routines. This year there has been record breaking interest/ sign ups before Fun A Day kicked off in January, which illustrates the growing popularity of Fun A Day Dundee.

Participants of all ages and occupations are joining in, with a variety of art forms, physical activities, craft, and documentation being  their daily goal. So far participant numbers are ranging between 40 – 50, with everyone determined make January and 2017 a fun, and Happy New Year!

Below is a selection of work in production

Chris Duke Design – Project: ‘There and Then’ – Her project combines having fun with exercise by walking and exploring to capture moments. Instagram

Judy Scott – Judy’s project consists of mini design collages which are beautifully bright. Instagram

Cally Booker – This year Cally is producing triaxial weavings with sliced up Christmas cards, mounting each piece on 8″ square card. Instagram

Lillias Chisholm – Lillias project is to make a red queen dress in January. You can catch her on youtube talking about her project as well as Instagram

Kate Morton- Kate is taking a video each day in January as a new way of capturing moments/ details, while hoping to learn new skills along the way. Instagram

Sandra Cassidy –  Sandra is using the English Paper Piecing technique associated with quilting to create flat images. She is using the same shape throughout the month to create patterns using various fabrics, seeing where playing around takes her.

From top left to bottom right: 1. Nicola Donnelly – Reading a chapter of a book a day. 2. Lucy Robertson – Instagram 3.  Ellie Fiddes – What to do with a shed skin from a six foot Boa Constrictor? Facebook  4. Judith Mcdowall / Just Judith Design – ‘Marbling Mayhem’ Spending a little time each day experimenting with new ways to marble, starting on up-cycled bottles.

Top left to bottom right: 1.Mhairi Wild Visual Artist Facebook  2. Suzanne Scott / Whimsical Lush Facebook 3. Marilyn Rattray Instagram 4. Lucy Robertson  Instagram 


From top left to bottom right: 1. Rosemary Herd Instagram 2. Mai M Instagram  3. and 4. Jill Skulina  Instagram 

From Top left to bottom right: 1. and 2. Jennifer Robson Instagram 3. Ed Muirhead  4. Connor Clark Facebook

From top left to bottom right:1. Jo Barcas Buchan Twitter 2. Jo Jo Helfer Instagram 3. Hazel Saunderson Instagram 4. Clare Hogwood Instagram 

From top left to bottom right: 1. David Kendall 2. Connor Cassidy  3. and 4. Caroline Simpson Instagram 

From top left to bottom right: Little White Desk Facebook 2. Jill Skulina Instagram 3. Fiona Scharlau  4. Becca Frances Instagram



Happy FUN Year 2017!

It’s Saturday 31st December 2016… and that means we are just hours away from kick starting our FUN New Year! We are thrilled to have an increase of interest early on this year, and hope that you all benefit from taking part in Fun A Day Dundee!

So, the most important thing to do, is just to get started! You can find more ideas and take a look at previous Fun A Day exhibitions and projects on Artclash, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some quick examples for a project to give you an idea; take a photo, make food, go for a walk, draw, be active, write, sing, make the bed, read, hug someone… You can do whatever you want! There will also be a group exhibition in February where any work produced will be displayed to the public! (This is optional, but it is always a great way to bookmark the end of Fun A Day and the beginning of a prosperous New Year.) Remember to let us know that you are taking part by dropping us an email at or signing up on Eventbrite by the 14 January.


31 Days of Fun

It is simple to join the Fun A Day Dundee. Start by picking a fun project that you can do every day in January 2017, (this can be almost anything as stated above!) You can complete your project anywhere you like (in Dundee, in Hawaii, in a shed, at your desk, on the street), and have work to produce for the final group exhibition in February, where all Fun A Day Dundee participants exhibit their efforts to the public and mingle together!


Everyone is Welcome

Everyone is welcome to join Fun A Day Dundee. You can be an artist, a baker, a drummer, a doodler, a designer, a gardener, a photographer, a family…  We would encourage you to invite all of your friends to join the fun, or to help you make your fun. It is free to participate in Fun a Day Dundee and it is free to attend the exhibition.


Find time for Fun

Realistically it probably isn’t possible for your Fun a Day project to consume your whole day, but it should be possible to find one element in your day that is fun, or to find the time in your day to create a little bit of fun. Think of it as a creative experiment. Invest as much or as little time as you have. Making an attempt everyday will ensure you stick at it. We can guarantee that you will be happy to see how 31 little actions can come together to create something much bigger.


Definition of Fun

We are almost certain that what constitutes as fun will be quite different for many people. Yet, there is a common understanding that doing something fun will make people happy, with the common definition being that fun is a pleasant, enjoyable and light hearted activity. We can’t wait to see what people come up with in this daily quest for fun making, how you all interpret fun, and what you make of it. Projects can be silly, light hearted, half-finished, serious… whatever makes you happy!


Why Join In?

Many people find January to be a difficult month in the year, feeling run down after the previous year, or getting back into a routine after the festive period. Every year I participated in Fun A Day, I found my attitude towards the month and year to be on a much more positive note. You find yourself striving to do something you enjoy, to achieve daily goals, start a new hobby, goal, passion, project etc. Many people find that Fun A Day really does kick start their year. It can open up new doors, new opportunities, and you meet lots of new people during the project and at the exhibition!


Share the Fun

Many Fun A Day participants like to share their progress throughout January on social media. Over the past 2 years this activity has increased, due to the increased user activity on social media sites. We do encourage people to share their progress/pictures/thoughts etc on social media using #funadaydundee and #funaday, as well as tagging us, but do not feel that you have to. Many participants benefit from working through their project by themselves. We are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on your preferred site, you don’t have to post or hashtag on every one, we just like to make ourselves available to everyone!

Best Wishes for you Fun New Year!
Sam Baxter



Previous Fun A Day Projects:

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Fun A Day 2017

Hello! Fun A Day Dundee 2017 is now up and running! Please check out this website, our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram to get acquainted. Fun A Day Dundee is a community project, open to everyone looking to inject some Fun and creativity into their new year. The project runs through every day of January, culminating in a group exhibition to showcase fun makers efforts to each other and to the public. Small, big, odd, simple, short, long, funny, and serious projects are welcome. This project is for you, and we’re all here to join in. Message us through the above social media sites or email for further information or just for a chat. We hope to hear from you soon!

You can also sign up here, so we can get an estimate of participants for the project, as well as a rough idea of numbers for the future exhibition.

Fun A Day Dundee 2016 Exhibition

Dundee has been participating in the Fun A Day project since 2011, first introduced here, by artist Morgan Cahn due to its popularity in America. Fun A Day Dundee is now in its 5th year, with a simple premise to follow: choose a project (e.g. take a photo, draw a picture, bake a cake, go walking, etc.) which can be achieved every day in January. The results of the creative efforts are exhibited in a group show the following month, providing an opportunity for artists and non-artists to share their work with the public.
This year we have had a large number of participants posting their work daily on Twitter, Instagram and on our Facebook page. One participant; photographer Dylan Drummond, set about taking surreal, and fantastically entertaining, photographic Self Portraits every day. He described his experience as “a challenge and also very satisfying creating the images and having an audience for them.” Many participants used Fun A Day this year as a chance to inject some fun and creativity into an activity they do regularly, as well as it being a motivational tool to produce new art work, build on skills for enjoyable projects, and simply, to do something new and fun that brightened up their January.
Yoga teachers Penny and Morgan explored some playful yoga postures in January, describing their reasons for their project as “creating a bit of space for freedom, fun and relationship.” They add; “We’re taking a pause from our daily lives and coming together to explore playful yoga postures. We love to do our yoga and hope to show you how yoga can be gravity defying, but most of all fun!” For the exhibition Penny and Morgan are displaying photographs of their impressive, combined yoga poses.
There is a the wide variety of work that is featured in the show, with painting, prints, photographs, sculpture, textiles, poetry, and much more being featured. Musician; Ed Muirhead, has taken part in Fun A Day Dundee several times, combining art with his talents in music, and this year has produced a series of paintings along side new song lyrics. He shares that painting with “fresh colours” each day, whether he “felt like it or not”, created “a positive experience once again, to create new things at the start of a new year.” The project can be challenging, but Fun A Day Dundee focuses on participants enjoying their work, and chooses quality of experience over the quantity of work produced.
Fun A Day Dundee strives to encourage participants to network and support each other during the project, which they clearly succeeded in, through online comments, discussions, and shares of artwork. We find the art work very inspirational, and it’s clear to see the extensive scale of effort put into individual projects this year. The exhibition highlights the talent and determination found in individuals in and around Dundee.
Dundee designer; Judy Scott, has already continued her project into February claiming that she doesn’t think she can stop now. Her project embodied “a colour mark making, collage and mixed media filled January. To focus on positivity, happiness and moving forward to a fabulous uplifting 2016.” We think we will take a leaf from Judy’s book, and continue our quest of securing a creative and fun filled new year.
Thank you to all the amazing and creative people who participated, and to all those who visited the show, it was a success!
Until next January…
Fun A Day Dundee
Sam Baxter / Becca Greig

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Fun Exhibition!

A big well done to all the participants so far for creating such interesting and original work throughout January. We are coming close to the exhibition, and encourage everyone to visit this weekend and check it out! We are preparing for our submissions this week, and look forward to seeing all you Dundee FUN Go-er’s shortly!

PREVIEW EXHIBITION this Friday at 6pm – WASPS artist studios, Meadow Mill, Dundee. Running 10am – 5pm all weekend.


Fun A Day 2016 Exhibition

We have 1 week left of a FUN filled January, we hope everyone managed to create / participate in something FUN! Here is our poster for the February exhibition, held in WASPS artists studios building, level 4, preview 6pm Friday 12th, running all weekend from 10am – 5pm.  We welcome everyone to the exhibition, and hope that you will all spread the word, and continue to share the FUN!

Event on Facebook

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.42.13 am

Highlights: Start of January!

So far we have enjoyed seeing colourful, thought provoking, beautiful & intriguing work for Fun A Day Dundee. We hope that it inspires more people to try something new/ FUN this month, and throughout the rest of the year! Here are a selection of images from just some of our Fun Makers so far:

Fun Makers Pictured: (in order)

  1. Sally Owen – TWIGGED
  2. Violet Raven Creations – Blackout Poem
  3. Judy Scott – NEON PLAY
  4. Louise Kirby / Kirbyrecipies
  5.  Becca Greig
  6. Ed 
  7. Dylan Drummond – Month of self portraits
  8. Rebecca / woollyjones 
  9. Chisholm Puppets
  10. Sam McPherson
  11. Cally’s Bonny Claith
  12. Penny & Morgan – Yoga Pose A Day
  13. Lauren Herd – Fun A Day Tombola