Over 100 Participants!

What a fantastic year already and it’s only day 2. We have over 100 people in Dundee and the UK committing themselves to having fun and getting creative each day this month! It’s a fantastic way to achieve even little goals, adding up to a larger achievement to kick start your year, give a mental health, and creative boost. We already have a bunch of projects which we haven’t seen before. A lot of creative minds!
Check out the #funadaydundee2019 hashtag on twitter & instagram for all the projects in progress!

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Getting Started

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What a great start to the New Year already! With 70+ people signing up, we hope we’re going to have a lot of creative, daft, fun projects to view and share with you all. Can’t wait! Best thing to do is to get stuck in. Share your projects with friends, families, do something different each day, work to the same theme, create lots of things, do just one thing, document it creatively… there are so many options. Just make sure you’re having fun yourself!

Fun A Day Dundee 2019

It’s official. We’re back!
Fun A Day Dundee is only 4 weeks away! If you’re not sure what FADD is, or if you’re needing some inspiration for your project, you’re in the right place! Check out our testimonials to see what previous participants have to say about us, as well as visiting our FAQs, and the gallery.
Alternatively you can also pm us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or at funadaydundee@gmail.com to have your ideas/questions answered personally.

Creative Dundee post making the call out! If you would like to officially ‘sign up’ to be on the participants list, just get in touch. This helps us see how many people take part in this community project, and to help gauge numbers for the exhibition in the future. We’ve also been promoting FADD as of late. Split Screen, The Beans Podcast, Creative Chit Chat.

Get those thinking caps on!
Will you make something new every day or work on the one thing?


Participant List for FADD 2018

Each year, Fun A Day Dundee sees an increase in our participants, and this year everyone has gone all out! SO many different styles, creative ideas, skills, thoughts, and feelings were captured by our 50-60 participants this year (current record breaking number!) Scroll through this shed load of fun to feel inspired! 🙂
Well done to all those who participated, big and small, exhibited or not, as a collective you’ve made an eventful start to the year!

For more information about the participants you can click on the names which are highlighted!


1. Eilidh Morris
‘Communications’ – Visualising a thought or idea as a small illustration on canvas, each day.
Beautiful, colourful and emotional paintings by Dundee artist; Eilidh Morris. 


2. Judith McDowall/ Just Judith Design
Playing with clay,  penguins, marbling and paint on a variety of surfaces.

3. Jane Prior
‘JaFi Creative’ …. Making time for fun.

Something new for a Fun A Day Dundee exhibition: installation! We love it!

4. David P Scott
A selection of 35mm photographs taken during January 2018 and hand printed in the DCA darkroom.


5. Pamela Scott
‘Linocut Lyrics’ – A series of linocut prints based on some of my favourite songs.

IMG_9592Screenshot 2018-04-25 at 9.48.07 PMScreenshot 2018-04-25 at 9.47.41 PM

6. Karen MacAllister
‘Moon 2018’ – A collection of digital imaging, watercolours and drawings exploring the moon.  ‘Moon 2018’ is a playful examination of my own imagination surrounding the moon and each piece created explores potential colours, surfaces or shapes that the moon may secretly show when no one is looking.

Screenshot 2018-04-25 at 10.09.13 PM

7. Natasha Dijkhoff
‘January Crack’ – Screenprint on canvas, sketchbook.
Thoughts and feelings on that particular point in time of each day, written and translated into art.

A passing moment of catharsis.



8. Kayleigh Loryman
A fashion illustration per day worked alongside my graded unit theme; Garden of Delights.


9. Hannah Wingfield
‘Dream Bubble’ – Freeform crochet project.




10. Suzanne Scott
WhimSicAL Lush
“The Owl and the Pussycat” … went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. This year WhimSicAL LusH has chosen one of her favourite childhood poems to bring to life in a delicate 3D hand illustrated sculpture. Look closely for little hidden details and curios that will surely make you smile!

This gorgeous artwork slowly spinned around in the sunlight, allowing you to follow the owl and the pusscat on their boating adventure! 


11. Marilyn Rattray
’31 tesserae’ – A daily mosaic.

This incredible piece was a mystery in its process to many who follow Marilyn. It all became impressively clear when each daily mosaic became one, in this creative and tactile collage.


12. Yasmin Lawson
‘Room With a View’.

Beautiful illustrations alongside delicate sculpture, and that’s just what’s on the wall. Yasmin’s sketchbook was filled with so many colourful collections of buildings, it was a joy to delve into!

13. Caroline Simpson & Connor
Caroline: ‘Crochet A Day’ – Trying to improve newly acquired skills with crochet by making something small everyday such as flowers, hearts, and mandalas.
Connor: ‘Custom Droids’ – Drawing customised Star Wars robots.


14. Annie Mclean
Artwork based on inspirations from the McManus museum & gallery visits.


15. Jen Smith
‘trying to get my printer to work.’

Part 2 of Jen’s Fun A Day Dundee project. Last year the printer really did not work, and she exhibited her ‘revenge’ for it failing to print her photographs. This year we get to see an intriguing collection that outlines her January from an intimate, and yet distant view.


16. Lillias
Creating characters using makeup.

Creating and playing, while using everyday products and materials to create these brilliant characters! Amazing 🙂 Looks like fun, but we’re not so sure it would be as fun to remove it all!


17. Amy Cameron
‘Real or Fake’ – By digitally manipulating images are we producing a fake image or was the original image a true representation anyway?


18. Judy Scott
‘FLORA AND FAUNA’ – Draw Print Collage and Stitch.

A beautiful collection of work by Judy, using a variety of mediums that all appear delicate, whether they’re made using glass, textile, or paper. IMG_9613

19. Sandra Cassidy
The idea was to make a new creature/stuffed animal each day (or as close to that as possible), and see where that takes me. They were make quickly and without an initial plan in place, just experimenting along the way.

These cheery characters were a delight to follow throughout January, and we’re seriously impressed with how many Sandra managed to produce in one month! Don’t they look happy together!




20. Jennifer Robson
My Funaday was to make art in drawing, pastels and embroidery using my daily dog walks in my local woods in Ladybank as my source inspiration.



21. Andrea Sayers
This year I have been making prints based on the quick drawings and sketches I made for last year’s Fun A Day.

I made one small linocut each day and created prints similar to the original drawings. I also played with creating new prints and patterns by mixing and matching the images.


22. Sadie Sayers-Lodge
I did a little bit of sewing each day of the month. I did flat sewing because that was the only way it would be able to hang on the wall.

I made a camel, a heart, a hexagon, a triangle family, an octopus, a mummy and baby worm, a letter A, a babytoes (which are my toes), and a snowman. I was inspired by my atlas and by things I saw each day.

My technique of doing it was to draw the parts on felt then I cut them out and then I sewed them together.

Sadie (6)


23. Kirsty Baxter
‘Ways of coping’ – I set out to film 30 Coping Mechanisms for 30 days of January (using the last day to edit). However I soon realised that my own interpretations would be limited, so I decided to see if anyone else wanted to contribute. As a result “30 Ways of Coping” became a longer and more collaborative Art Film featuring footage from all kinds of people from all over the world illustrating in their own way ‘Ways of Coping’.

You can view Kirsty’s video HERE.

IMG_8981Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 1.33.16 PM

24. Ed Muirhead
Bending a piece of wire each day into a shape.

Ed is our longest running participant, and has kindly provided that brilliant live music you heard at the past two opening nights of the Fun A Day Dundee exhibitions! See more of Ed’s music and all his Fun A Day projects HERE. 


25. Rebecca Jones
Exploring intuitive painting and mark making.


26. Pam Kelly
‘Significant Others’ – A collection of photographic portraits of the important people in my life, taken over the month of January 2018.

An intimate collection of all the faces within Pam’s life during the month of January. What a lovely collection of personalities captured. 


27. Clare Stansfield / Little White Desk
Dancin’ Cans.

A blast from the past with this fun collection of illustrated dancin’ cans!

IMG_9205Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 4.29.03 PMIMG_9196

28. David Kendall
‘31 Boxes’.

David decided to do something with all the waste that was visible at his work. With his spark of humour, and creative mind, 31 boxes happened! His collection of boxes from each day in January were designed to be interacted with, as the strict rule of not touching artwork in an art gallery is a pet peeve of Davids. Visitors to the Fun A Day Dundee exhibition giggled, exclaimed, and browsed their way through the 31 boxes which all contained hidden surprises, artwork, and experiments, all made from waste materials. You were even able to take away a box for yourself!

IMG_9184IMG_9187IMG_9192IMG_9193Screenshot 2018-04-19 at 1.32.47 PMScreenshot 2018-04-19 at 1.34.14 PMScreenshot 2018-04-19 at 1.33.04 PM

29. Heather McKenzie
‘Recreating #HeathersBridges2017’ – Last year in an effort to be more active, I challenged myself to walk to / over / under as many bridges as I could. I set up a Facebook page and a lot of people contributed suggestions. I thought for ‘fun a day’ it would be interesting to try and draw or paint a selection of the bridges from photos I took.


30. Sarah Johnston
Knitted sculptures.

We love these bright, soft sculptures paired with their matching prints.


31. Louise Kirby
To explore and play with an idea with no defined outcome to see where it takes me. Adapting the ‘Five Currant Buns’ nursery rhyme as a starting point creating a range of ink drawings and paper cuts.


32. Russell Dornan

ANFRACTUOUS: adjective | an·frac·tu·ous | an-ˈfrak-chə-wəs
Meaning: of windings and intricate turnings; tortuous.

I sewed abstract, geometric shapes using white card and copper thread. A new one was created every day, each with one more line than the day before, so the number of lines of thread on each card corresponds to the day of the month it was created.

The name “Anfractuous” refers literally to the process of creating each card, but also hints at how life unfolds from day to day. On January 1st, all seemed simple; each day that passed added ever more complexity. At the end of the month you look back at the woven tangle, an intricate string of twists and turns.

IMG_9326IMG_9333IMG_9337Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 4.32.55 PMIMG_9340IMG_9341

33. Grant D Herron
‘Upcycled Automata’ – Making several automata/moving mechanical objects/toys using repurposed materials and items from around the house/workshop.

Grant’s mechanical toys were a hit at the Fun A Day exhibition, with many visitors turning and pulling at the levers in order to work the toys fun elements. There was a spinning  tie fighter, personal air con, and diy barber with snipping scissors. Clever, well thought out and executed brilliantly. Another Fun A Day project that uses recycled materials from home.


34. Karen Caddell Walker
Reliving childhood memories. The little things that were fun when you were young to amuse yourself. No grown ups, money or friends needed.


35. Claire & Danny Chandler
My husband Danny draws a random squiggle, I make a doodle/drawing out of it during the month of January.


36. Elaine Houston
Retrying crafts I’ve failed at in the past (plenty of them!) & crafts I enjoy but haven’t made time for in a while.

A brilliant variety of crafts picked up during the month, which were all worth re visiting. We love this collection, and know the painted wooden slices were popular at the exhibition! Fun A Day can be about doing what you feel like doing day to day, whatever it may be!



37. Sherry Trimon
‘Little Abstractions’ – Screenprint on paper.
Playful experimentations with colour and abstract shapes working with paper stencils, paper cut outs and screenprint.
A month of practice and experiments.


38. Deborah Chapman
Little Debz’s little self care tips.

Beautifully illustrated self care tips by Deborah who also brought Debz along on the opening night for the Fun A Day Dundee exhibition to say hello to everyone! Deborah provides one of a kind workshops where you can create your own puppet in a fun environment that supports mental and emotional well being.



Pictured above: Eilidh Morris, Debz, & Deborah Chapman.

39. Gavin Cameron
Poetry, prose and experimentation.

Gavin’s comical and interesting approach to Fun A Day Dundee includes thoughts, diaries, poetry and experiments with his everyday life in January. One item we particularly enjoyed was ‘Burns Night’; a piece of paper with said title, partially burned with fire. Gavin’s exhibited work also featured an interactive element that also promotes recycling/waste reduction. Visitors were encouraged to write on a two meter long sheet of paper their ‘tales of waste by companies’ as said sheet of paper was part of the wasteful packaging for a watch strap.


40. K Rolina Gibson
A series of daily collages with found poetry.

A beautiful collection of poetry and collage made on recycled card. Fun, thoughtful, and humorous! IMG_9680IMG_9688IMG_9694IMG_9698

41. Sam McPherson
‘Thistle A Day’.

Sam documented thistles she saw throughout January & created this zine to document her findings!


42. Lynne Henderson
Playing around with photos and images.


43. Calissa King
‘An App a Day keeps the January Blues Away’ – Little felt pillows depicting a different app for everyday in January.

What a fun project, and so well presented! Can you name all of the apps? 🙂


44. Laura Galloway
‘Crochet creatures’.

Laura created these gorgeous wee creatures which individual personalities! Another crochet/knitted/textile project for Fun A Day Dundee, helping this year become the first year to hit all the major art mediums. Amazing! We love the birds hanging in their perches.


45. Hannah Woods
Creating doodles around the fingerprints of Sam (aged 3) and Oscar (aged 4 months).

A brilliant way to get creative when you have your hands full, especially with a new born! Sam and Oscar are our youngest participants to the Fun A Day Dundee project. They loved seeing all the other projects at the exhibition over the weekend, and felt inspired to paint rocks after seeing Carnoustie Rocks project.


46. Kenzie Harrison
Life drawings.IMG_9514

47. Ellie Fiddes
‘Fun with yarn and fabrics’ – Usually I make things with a work purpose in mind such as preparing for classes or a workshop.  This month I have taken time to play around with whatever I feel like just for the fun of it. And it has been great enjoying the process, rather than worrying about how it  ‘should’ or will turn out!


48. Vicky Kerr
‘Daily Drawing’.

Vicky experimented with a variety of styles for her Fun A Day project, taking care with detail, colour and form. Brilliant collection!

IMG_9238IMG_9245evkerrart 2

49. Dawn Adams
Sculptural/abstract art pieces.

Brilliant use of simple materials, achieving depth, emotion and curiosity within this work, all while using a similar colour pallet. Which one is your favourite?



50. Charlotte Lodge
‘Marker Doodles on postage label stickers’ – There was no plan for this year as a theme, however I continued the same use of marker pens on labels through out the project. each day would be something different and I aimed to spend no longer than an hour on this. This posed a challenge to me as I naturally like working in batches rather than working a little bit at a time.


51. Emma Allan

“I started Carnoustie Rocks in July 2017 & the project really caught the imagination of the local community & beyond! It’s a simple concept: paint a rock & hide it for someone else to find. They can then keep it or rehide it or replace it with their own painted rock art. I like to think we’re spreading joy around the world one painted rock at a time 😊

I’ve really enjoyed creating little works of art but we’ve been a bit quieter over the winter months so I wanted to kick start 2018 & encourage more people to join in and be creative.

It’s also given me more confidence and made me step out of my comfort zone a bit – participating in an exhibition, talking about Carnoustie Rocks at a meeting of local groups & speaking to the press!! It’s amazing what a few painted rocks can do 😀”


52. Connor Clark


53. Lesley Baxter
Felting project for January.IMG_9422IMG_9423


54. Sam Baxter
‘Daily Quick Sketches’ – Using Fun A Day Dundee as a good opportunity to have fun sketching again!


55. Genna Delaney
Design a Ring – a month of experimental 3D designs, sketches and wax rings.

IMG_9008IMG_9006Screenshot 2018-01-18 at 4.28.38 PMScreenshot 2018-01-18 at 4.29.39 PM

56. Sarah Barrie
Collage a day.

Sarah created these beautiful collages which we followed on Instagram over January. The satisfying colours, shapes and fun subjects made the dull month that bit cheerier!

thepidgeonpost2thepidgeonpostScreenshot 2018-04-25 at 11.53.54 PM

57. Stuart MacBean

Stuart created short animated sketches for Fun A Day Dundee this year, after creating 31 sketches of his travels for Fun A Day Dundee 2017. Very skilled, fun and imaginative work. You can check them out here! 

58. Aylson Stewart
Creating a photo book/zine of digital collage made from each day’s top news post on bbc Scotland.



59. Lauren Herd
Fighting the Good Fight – a series of positive thinking and doings



New Dates for FADD Exhibition

Now that (most of) the snow has passed, we are happy to announce the new dates for Fun A Day Dundee 2018! The exhibition opens at 7pm on Friday 13th April with live music from Ed Muirhead; a participant and musician, and runs over the weekend from 10am – 7pm Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th. We will also have our usual sweetie pick n mix! 🙂

Exhibition 2018 Postponed

Unfortunately Fun A Day Dundee 2018 Exhibition is postponed due to the adverse weather conditions! We will hold the exhibition on another suitable date. Thanks to all the participants for their input and help in this decision.


Dates will be confirmed soon…!

(Image featuring freeform crochet by Hannah Wingfield)
(Header image by Sandra Cassidy)


Opening Night!

We are getting close to the Fun A Day Dundee Exhibition and we cannot wait to see all the creative projects in person! In some ways, it feels like Fun A Day was two months ago!

On the opening night (Friday 2nd March at 7pm) we have the very talented Ed Muirhead providing live music for us again, to kick off the event! Ed is a regular participant of Fun A Day Dundee and you can see the collection of his past and present projects here. 🎹.

See you on Friday!



FAD2018 Exhibition Poster JPEG_1