Fun A Day 2019 Exhibition

Wow, what another amazing exhibition we’ve had! Thanks to the support from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland, we had some new additions to our exhibition this year, that came along with the increased participants! A whopping 90 people took part in the creative January challenge, with 61 of them exhibiting at WASPS Artist Studios, Dundee on 5th, 6th, and 7th of April 2019.

Every year, as this free, community project continues to grow, we listen to feedback, and try to provide additions to make the project and event more enjoyable for participants and the visitors. This year we introduced our publication, listing all of the people who took part in the project, along with some images and general information about what Fun A Day Dundee is.

Again, the exhibition was based at WASPS, and we filled the top floor corridor with sparkly lights, colours, artwork, sweets, and music! A big thank you to all who exhibited, what a creative collection of artwork we were able to share! Check out #funadaydundee2019 for the feed on Instagram. A huuge thank you to all of the participants who volunteered. You guys helped prepare the space, take photographs, design, decorate, hang the art, tidy, de-stall, and invigilate. Thank you so much! Also, a lovely thank you to our new workshops we had over the weekend (Becca & Andrea and Sadie) and to Mark Urban/ Haystack Monolith for providing some brilliant music/entertainment on the opening night.

What a fantastic way to wrap up a month of creative making and positive thinking!

Here are some photos from the exhibition!

Setting Up:

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Wonderful photos of the opening night by Jilly Noble (Jilly Jilly Design):

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Opening night:

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Check out photos of all the artwork on display at this year’s exhibition on Facebook here!

And check out this wee clip of Haystack Monolith/Mark Urban’s performance from the opening night here. 


FADD 2019 Exhibition

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Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 10.30.01 PM

This year, Fun A Day Dundee are proud to announce that we are supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland. With their support, this voluntary run project was able to continue to run, especially with its growing popularity. We are grateful to be recognised and supported, and so happy to be able to make little touches we have wanted for the exhibition, to make it ‘complete’ and that bit more fun for everyone involved.

Fun A Day Dundee encourages anyone and everyone to create/make/have fun each day in January. Each year we document and share our projects with each other online, then celebrate our efforts in a public exhibition following January!

This exhibition will feature over 50 people local and outwith of Dundee, in a wide and wonderful variety of mediums. We have seen around 80-90 people participate during the month, and were more in touch with other Fun A Day projects across the pond via Instagram. Check out the hashtag #funaday (global) and #funadaydundee2019 (local) for this years content. This year we have crochet, photography, songwriting, performance, photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, stitching, collage, knitting, film making and much more! Participants ages range from under 10 years old to over 60 years.


This year we have live music by Mark Urban on the opening night, including our usual ‘sweet shop’ stand, and art workshops over the weekend to fix that crafty itch once viewing the exhibition! These workshops will be provided by Andrea & Sadie Sayers (local artist duo, mother and daughter, as well as regular FADD participants.)

This exhibition is family friendly.

Opening night Friday 5th April 7pm-9pm
Exhibition Sat 6th, Sun 7th April 10am-7pm.


Big thank you to the lovely Jilly Noble for designing this wonderful poster for our exhibition this year! 😀

February already!

Phew! It’s already February. The creative self projects are complete as January has come to a close, but it’s only just the beginning.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 12.11.21 AM

Time to give yourself a big pat on the back! Well done if you managed to make it through your Fun A Day Dundee Project, big or small, 31 days or not, you made it! We’ve seen some incredible, fun, light hearted, skilled, and colourful projects created over January and can’t wait to share them all collectively. We will have the usual ‘Participant List’ on our website here of all the projects that people created for themselves, as well as the collective art exhibition which will open in March! More on that shortly.
We are also pleased to announce that Creative Scotland are supporting us, especially the exhibition this year, which means we can have a lovely bright space to showcase our projects, as well as all the creative additions which make it a fun event for volunteers, participants, and the public. We can’t wait!

We’ve had a very active hashtag this year, especially on Instagram. Check it out: #funadaydundee2019

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 12.11.49 AM

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2019 Participants Projects (half way)

Fun A Day Dundee 2019 is well underway, and we have seen a fantastic variety of work from many individuals in, around and outside of Dundee. Many people have been sharing their work online, and we’ve seen a real community flourish through Instagram stories, supportive comments and tweets/shares online. Every year, we see new projects which are fun, exciting, beautiful, and humorous. Because it’s an open, and personal project to the participants, work is produced in all forms, which often change and grow in ways even participants may not anticipate, because each day brings a new feeling/ time constraint/challenge. Fun A Day encourages participants to aim to have fun, and take each day as it comes. Rather than pressuring yourself to make more, listing difficult targets, and making unrealistic expectations, we believe aiming to go with the flow, doing what you feel like, and what makes you happy is the best approach.

To mark our half way point in the month, we have a selection of projects on the go to share!

  1. Eilidh Morris
    “Peep Show – a portrait per day of one or more characters from the comedy series, Peep Show, with accompanying text from the scene pictured. Peep Show has always made me laugh and resonated with me in it’s depiction of anxious insecurity and eternal self-sabotage. Focussing on a source image for an hour or two per day and drawing free-hand is useful for sharpening up technical skills, but I’m additionally enjoying remembering hilarious moments as I draw.  Personally, this project is also great for helping to build daily habits outwith art-making, like daily writing and learning Spanish.”
    Eilidh’s Intagram

  2. Jenna Martin Leitch
    ““MAKE LIKE A SUNFLOWER” stems from a want to create a project about growth & strength, and sunshine, whilst experimenting with lots of different media and mixed media combinations.I blinkin’ LOVE sunflowers (the joybringers that they are!), and having spent most of last year watching ours grow in our garden, I just found them so inspiring, with their sunshininess and tallness!I’m a mixed media artist & illustrator, working across lots of disciplines. I like to think I’m a positive voice…my aim being, to bring sunshine into others lives. “Helping you find your happy, as I go about my life finding mine” is my tag line that I like to work from…I paint, print, write, draw, take photos, sew, embroider and tell stories. All of this *mostly* in the colour yellow! My fave subject matter being sunshine, flowers, birds, memories and nature!”
    Jenna’s Instagram
    3. Elizabeth Taylor 
    “Daily view just before dawn – watercolours A4 landscape size.”We love these expressive snap shots into days passed in January. Seeing the final collection will be something special!
    Elizabeth’s Twitterscreenshot 2019-01-16 at 9.49.04 pm
    4. Jayde Magenta Terri
    “I have signed up to take part in Fun a Day Dundee 2019 because I am doing something new and focussing on being more creative daily.
    I have created grounding methods for myself in abstract distractions in order to cope with my mental health.
    My focus over the course of this month will be Circus Skills, specifically Contact Ball. I have never previously played with a contact ball, so all tricks learned will be completely new to me. My aim is to create a short contact ball performance at the end of the month.
    I have an overactive wandering brain, so I’ve mixed it up with general development of various other circus skills as well as random do something new each day thing; such as cooking, learning a new song or a dance thing. I like options, and it’s good to change things up now and then by presenting myself different challenges.” 

    A brilliant concept and use for making the most out of Fun A Day!
    Jayde’s Instagram

    5. Carolyn
    “My project is to sew every day. Decorative stitching rather than running things up on my sewing machine. The idea is just to get back into stitching, make it a habit, try out different stitches and see what happens.”


    6. Shona Mason

    “I was inspired by FADD at the exhibition last year. I decided I would make a jumper, knitting a stripe or section a day in a different wool/colour/pattern. I deliberately didn’t plan ahead so that it would just evolve and am not allowing myself to over plan as I make it – the fun a day limit is actually quite useful. Very quickly however my main objective modified! I love to use wool. Wool, I mean real wool, from a sheep, is good. The sheep produce it for free, sheep are essential for the land, they need shorn for their health, it is biodegradable, and especially here in the UK, we have a huge choice of breeds of sheep and wool available to buy which has never left the UK in its production chain. Oh, and it’s breathable, warm, water repellent, odour resistant and completely natural. 

    So the jumper (which will actually now be a cardigan) has also become an ode to wool. Each band/stripe will be of a different wool or wool blend (ie from a different sheep breed or blend of breeds). I aim to include 30 sheep breeds (we have over 60 in Britain) and I aim to demonstrate the provenance of each. For some, I can even name the sheep who provided the wool (thank you Harriet, Martha, Violet, Frida, Freya and Emma). Some days I can allow myself hours to work on this, some days I will only manage 1 row, but it will all be fun. And then I shall have the fun of wearing my cardigan for many years to come.”

    You can find more work and detailed information about the wool Shona uses on her Instagram.


    screenshot 2019-01-17 at 4.28.12 pmscreenshot 2019-01-17 at 4.28.02 pm

7. Brenda
“Having visited the Fun a day exhibition the past two years I decided to take part this year – but what would I do? My inspiration came from a Christmas gift from a good friend – a Marbling Kit and book.”

8. Hannah Wingfield
“For my Fun A Day project I am crocheting as many mandalas as possible. Each one is a different pattern and colour scheme.”

You can see more of this amazing and bright crochet work on Hannah’s Instagram. 

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 4.46.48 pmscreenshot 2019-01-17 at 4.45.10 pm

9. James Forbes
“Painting of my dog, Bear.”

Surprisingly this is a first for FADD, to see one painting evolve over the month. We look forward to seeing more!

10. Maureen King
“The project I am working on is a chess set made from left over corks .. just to be clear .. I didn’t drink all the bottles they came from .. I’m more of a red wine kind of gal. 
I decided on the chess set as my Dad was a HUGE fan of the game.. and he’s always in my thoughts this time of year.”

We love Maureen’s description and warm thoughts for making this project. Brilliant results so far as well! More on her Instagram.


11. Yvonne Stewart/Coramantic
“My Fun A Day project involves creating a collection of colourful and intuitive canvases which include abstract mark making and an eclectic mix of characters. Each painting measures 5 x 5 inches in size and is painted with acrylic paints onto a box canvas.”

More beautiful and colourful work can be found on Yvonne’s Instagram.


12. Marc McKay
“After a long period of inactivity, I’m working on a series of ink portraits to get back into, and enjoy, drawing again.”

You can find more of Marc’s amazing work on Instagram. 

13. WhimSicAL LusH

““When You Make Time For Nonsense It Will Bring Lots Of Smiles” 

This year I’ve decided to focus on fun, nonsense and exploring colour. I plan to create a colourful world over the month full of quirky scenes that will make you look closely, and possibly ask… why?”

You can find all sorts of beautiful art by WhimSicAL LusH on Instagram. 

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 5.35.16 pm


14. Davy Mitchell
“I am knitting baby hats and exploring some fun wool, colours and knit it public where possible. All of this while still having fun.”

David’s quick work of these cheery, hand crafted hats can be discovered on his Instagram.

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 5.47.17 pmscreenshot 2019-01-17 at 5.47.07 pm

15. Jilly Noble
“In January I love to focus on planning for my creative business, so for Fun A Day I’ve decided to have fun making these plans more visual through Bullet Journalling. I find the process really relaxing, in a similar way to colouring books that promote mindfulness. I’m hoping to create different pages every day to share how I use it, get organised for the year and find new ways to document my life and goals.”

Check out more of Jilly’s beautiful journals as well as her own projects on her Instagram here!

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 6.55.33 am


16. David P Scott
“Primary: Images made using only the primary colours, white and black.”

Check out more of David’s eye catching work here!

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 7.42.22 am


17. Katie Gammie/ katiebirdie
“A wee beastie every day. My plan is to draw a wee beastie everyday – no pressure to finish them just to see what I do in the time I have.”

We love these beautifully, delicate drawings by Katie. You can see her full collection to date on her Instagram.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 8.02.05 amscreenshot 2019-01-18 at 8.01.53 am

18. David D Scott
“I have written a daily blog since October 2012. In January, I have decided to write it in a different way. Every day, I am adding another word. On 1 January, I had one word in my blog. On 31 January, I will have 31 words.”

What a brilliant idea, and fantastic execution, with the creative approach to match the volume of words with the current date. You can read David’s blog here.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 8.19.05 am

19. Mark Urban
Mark is writing and recording a song every day for Fun A Day Dundee! More on his Facebook here. Give day 2 a listen below. 🙂


20. Lucy Dewar
“I think this project is a great opportunity to get back into the habit of drawing. I’m working on lots of little sketchy works that will hopefully ignite a spark for some bigger ideas that I can also get stuck into during the month (and beyond!)”

Follow Lucy’s beautiful illustrative work here.


21. Marta Mitchell
“A flower drawing every day.”

We love all the creative ways Marta is making her daily flowers. Check out the current collection here!


22. Marilyn Rattray
My 2019 fadd project focuses on visible mending.  A woolen jumper will become a sampler of mending techniques. Hopefully this will inspire others to embrace the ethos of make do and mend.”

Marilyn’s work is incredibly inventive and creative, especially with recycled materials and techniques. Discover more work on Marilyn’s Instagram.


23. Sam McPherson
“Daily illustrations of women that inspire me. From artists to athletes, directors to singers, I will create a collection of inspirational women to be celebrated throughout January.”

A brilliant concept to fuel and motivate you at the beginning of the year. Check out more of Sam’s work on Instagram.


24. Lauren Lewis
“I draw for relaxation after spending a long day looking after my children and teaching dance and I am also passionate about the environment and on a mission to slowly change my life to be more sustainable

The world is beautiful and wonderful so I have decided to draw a tree a day (when possible) to celebrate the diversity even of one species and highlight the value of it. They also make me relaxed when walking through the woods and seeing the wind blowing them.”

Lauren’s beautiful drawings can be found on her Instagram.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 9.09.59 am


25. Cornelia Weinmann
“I’m a printmaker and painter and I upcycle furniture. Fabric art has long been a ‘spare time’ interest of mine and I decided to use the FADD project to experiment with mixed media on fabric. Appliqué, freemotion embroidery, collage, monoprinting, photo transfer – the options are so inspiring.
I’m posting my fabric work on Instagram, my other artwork can be seen on”

26. Audrey Field
Audrey is taking January as it comes, and doing whatever she feels like. So far we’ve seen some relaxed colouring and some real crafty experiments on the go, including her handmade socks which is the first pair she has completed! Well done 🙂 
Audrey’s Instagram.


27. Ed Muirhead
“Fun with musical instruments each day – a sketch and a short video of a range of instruments.”

Ed has taken part in Fun A Day Dundee since 2014, combining music, songwriting, and art each year. Ed is a music therapist as well as a songwriter and musician, and receiving daily videos of instruments every day is a fun addition to his sketches. Check out all of Ed’s FADD projects here, as well as his current project on Instagram.  Also a good blog post of Ed’s first 9 instruments can be read here.




28. Lauren Howat
“Let’s step back in time, get all nostalgic and remember our favourite sweeties.”

We love sweets, especially all these nostalgic ones! If anyone has been to a Fun A Day Dundee Exhibition, they may remember our table filled with sweet shop sweeties in jars – a tradition at our exhibitions. This project is inspiring our selection this year… 🙂 Check out all of Lauren’s sweet shop designs on Instagram.


29. Caroline Cassidy
“‘Doodling with thread’. I’m using Fun A Day this year to practice my hand embroidery and also my free hand sewing machine skills.”

See more of Caroline’s amazing work on her Instagram!



30. Kelly Reilly
“Colour explosion. A vision of Fireworks through different mediums.”

This is such a fun idea, and leaves you open to lots of experimentation! Such amazing, creative results so far. Check out Kelly’s updates on Instagram.



Thanks for checking out just 30 of MANY FADD projects which are on the go in and around Dundee this year. Following the end of January, we will have a blog post showcasing ALL of the projects! 🙂 For now, stay updated searching #funadaydundee2019 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 



Over 100 Participants!

What a fantastic year already and it’s only day 2. We have over 100 people in Dundee and the UK committing themselves to having fun and getting creative each day this month! It’s a fantastic way to achieve even little goals, adding up to a larger achievement to kick start your year, give a mental health, and creative boost. We already have a bunch of projects which we haven’t seen before. A lot of creative minds!
Check out the #funadaydundee2019 hashtag on twitter & instagram for all the projects in progress!

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 6.58.53 PM

Getting Started

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 10.20.01 PM

What a great start to the New Year already! With 70+ people signing up, we hope we’re going to have a lot of creative, daft, fun projects to view and share with you all. Can’t wait! Best thing to do is to get stuck in. Share your projects with friends, families, do something different each day, work to the same theme, create lots of things, do just one thing, document it creatively… there are so many options. Just make sure you’re having fun yourself!

Fun A Day Dundee 2019

It’s official. We’re back!
Fun A Day Dundee is only 4 weeks away! If you’re not sure what FADD is, or if you’re needing some inspiration for your project, you’re in the right place! Check out our testimonials to see what previous participants have to say about us, as well as visiting our FAQs, and the gallery.
Alternatively you can also pm us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or at to have your ideas/questions answered personally.

Creative Dundee post making the call out! If you would like to officially ‘sign up’ to be on the participants list, just get in touch. This helps us see how many people take part in this community project, and to help gauge numbers for the exhibition in the future. We’ve also been promoting FADD as of late. Split Screen, The Beans Podcast, Creative Chit Chat.

Get those thinking caps on!
Will you make something new every day or work on the one thing?